Spencer West, Esq.

Sometimes inspiration comes from the ones closest to us; however, we are the ones that have to do the work. For Spencer West, it came from seeing the extreme mental and physical joy running brought to his wife, Julie. In 2008, Spencer (5’9”) was over 200 lbs and any physical activity resulted in severe knee and back pain, even when playing with his two kids. After finding his inspiration, Spencer started running to lose the weight and he was quickly hooked on his new found joy in running. He even started eating healthier and incorporated more physical activities until it became a lifestyle. Spencer completed his first 5K race in almost 28mins, he did not stop there. He continued training beyond his comfort zone and is now at a healthy 130lbs. Spencer’s PR for the mile is 4:45, 5K (16:38), 10K (34:39), half marathon (1:17:42) and full marathon (2:51:53). From a runner’s perspective, these are superhuman times, something most of us can only dream of achieving. With times like these, he has earned many first place overall victories & has qualified for the Boston Marathon every year since 2009. He is a true inspiration to the South Florida running community. To top it off, he is a successful lawyer at Mitchell & West, L.L.C., a father of two, and a mentor to many. When the body and mind are in the same gear, any goal is possible.









                                                  Ali Dolan

Stop and connect with the people around you; there is wealth, beauty and inspiration to be discovered. Here is a story, a Trublmaica story that will challenge us to rise above our negative situations. Meet Ali Dolan, a “BEING” with an infectious positive attitude towards life. Most of us have knowledge of or a connection with our blood relatives; this is not the case for Ali. At the age of 12 she learned the truth from her adopted parents about her birth. Ali was discovered abandoned hours old in a 6-pack Budweiser box in the trash in The Bronx by two boys on their way to school. She was hypothermic, helpless and naive to the world. This was devastating news to 12 year old Ali and it left her with a sense of no self-worth. The memory of her bleak entrance into the world led Ali to drugs and alcohol in her early adolescence to mask her pain. However, she did not give up; Ali graduated with honors from Quinnipiac University and moved to Miami where she discovered her love for fitness. Ali has completed over 20 triathlons and countless road races since her debut in 2010. She is currently a spokesperson for "A Safe Haven for Newborns," whose mission is to save the lives of newborns from the dangers of abandonment and assist pregnant girls/women in crisis. In addition, she is one of the smiling faces that will greet you at iRunCompany shoes store. The upcoming short film "Two Secrets" will document Ali’s life, which will premiere in several major cities later this year.  To learn more about Ali Dolan, follow the progress of her film at https://www.facebook.com/twosecretsfilm or Alidtriathlete on IG.

Estela Ortiz

People like us, a story of resilience and perseverance: meet Estela Ortiz from Bogota, Columbia. Dealing with family challenges is one of the most difficult situations for any human being. As a consequence of years of mental and physical stress inflicted upon Estela from her family challenges, she was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in 2002. After the removal of her thyroids, she developed Fibromyalgia. Even with the current advanced treatments for her disease, dealing with the side effects had rendered her hopeless and helpless to her disease. Her brother who was studying nutrition and sports science advised her to change her diet and implement high performance activities in her daily routine to offset the pain from Fibromyalgia. She took her brother’s advice, but by that time the Fibromyalgia had caused extensive deterioration in her knee joints, so she had to have surgery. Undaunted by the surgery, Estela continued with her new love for running, biking and swimming. This quickly became her passion as she realized how effectively it was in alleviating the devastating symptoms that came with Fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism. During her healing process, she lost her loving father and brother to Colombia’s violence; this was unimaginable for Estela to deal with. However, the positive changes she was making in her life helped her to find the strength to continue to heal & overcome the struggles of life.  As a result of her research on how to purge herself of any disease, she came up with three steps to achieve this task: 1. A natural diet tailored to the disease 2. A systematically progressive training/exercise plan 3. The practice of positive thinking.  Even though some of her symptoms linger, Estela’s lifestyle has improved dramatically. She is a living proof that it is possible to live a normal life with fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism as long as you are willing to make the mental and physical changes necessary to overcome. Estela is now a dedicated triathlete who has completed multiple ironmans; in addition to several full and half marathons. With her experience and expertise, she founded Iron Soul Inc. and has become a leading Life Coach. Estela Ortiz is the epitome of a Trublmaica because she shows us that we can rise above our limits and go beyond our comfort zone to achieve success. Continue to inspire Estela. For more information on Estela Ortiz visit www.iron-soul.com or follow her on IG at Fibrofree.

Eli Sapharti

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” To achieve our goals, we must initiate the work and be prepared to deal with the ups and downs until our task is complete. Meet Eli Sapharti, a Motivational Speaker and Weight Loss Coach at FAT Boy, FIT MAN.  I met Eli back in 2012 at a local race and all I could think was “this guy looks really fast!” Little did I know that up until 2008, he was almost 300lbs, had high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol/ triglycerides and shortness of breath from the slightest physical activity. His inconsistent workouts and dieting were not yielding any results.  He recalls his turning point when a clerk at the airport told him “You know what, you're really good looking for a “BIG GUY”.  This was not a compliment to Eli but a wakeup call --all he heard was “YOU ARE FAT!” It was in this moment that his “One Step at a Time” philosophy was born. Eli recommitted to changing his lifestyle and becoming more consistent with dieting and exercise. He began to walk 15mins a day, then 20mins, then 25mins; he even challenged himself to jog for 10-15 seconds during his walks. Even with pain in his knees, Eli kept his focus and eventually started to shed the weight. Even though he could not imagine running half a mile, Eli challenged himself and signed up for a 5K, which he completed  in 34mins and celebrated like he had won an Olympic gold medal. These small victories were adding up and fueling his drive on a daily basis. Before he knew it, he had developed a passion for running. His 5K challenge grew into numerous 10K challenges then multiple half marathons and most recently the A1A full marathon in Fort Lauderdale. As you can now see, Eli is no “Fat Boy” but has turned himself into an inspiring “Fit Man.” The patience and discipline he developed through his journey has cultivated a consistency that allows him to continue to live the healthy lifestyle he initially set out for. If we can have the same patience and discipline with ourselves, we can develop the same kind of consistency that allows us to achieve our own goals. It does not matter what the goal is, the “One Step at a Time” philosophy will help us get there. To learn more about Eli’s journey pick up a copy of his book “ FROM FAT BOY TO FIT MAN” or follow him on IG or FB, there is wealth, beauty and inspiration to be discovered.

Michele Elbertson

Age 23 and 427 pounds--let this sink in for a moment…ok, got it? Today I hope the extraordinary story of Michele Elbertson will move our bodies and souls to a new level of inspiration. Michele channeled her determination, consistency, patience and hard work to achieve her life’s most challenging goal yet. Age 23 and 427 pounds, fresh out of college and about to settle into life, and her physician gives her a terrifying reality check:  “with your current weight, you will not live beyond age 27”.  Talk about an eye opener. Michele had envisioned 27 being her prime age, the age where she would be really hitting her groove in life; death was some distant thought too far beyond her “NOW” to even waste time thinking about. Michele decided to take the advice from her physician and opted for the Lap band surgery to assist in controlling her binge eating tendencies in 2010. A year later, she was down 100lbs and wanted to celebrate her milestone by running a 5K (3.1 miles) race at Disney World, even though she hated running as a kid. After she completed the race, she still hated it. However, the next day she stayed to cheer on the finishers at the Disney half marathon. The joy she saw in their faces as they crossed the finish line was a moment of enlightenment for Michele.  She realized that getting active was the missing piece of her puzzle to living a healthier and happier life, so she began to incorporate running into her daily routine. She completed her first half marathon six months later and didn’t stop there. Within the next four years, she completed 39 half marathons, 7 full marathons, 2 triathlons, and a 50 mile ultramarathon. She is currently training for a 100mile ultramarathon and an Ironman. Michele was constantly empowered by her internal being in overcoming her weight loss; something many would doubt ever possible in her dire situation. Today Michele has lost over 260 pounds and she works as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Simply incredible. Michele’s journey is one of a Trublmaica, someone that we can relate to and use as a prime example for inspiration. To learn more about Michele’s journey follow her on IG (Michele_elbertson) or FB.

Dr. Omar L. Nelson, Ph.D.

The birth of Trublmaica: The journey of my life has led me to this point and it’s an experience I would ike to share with the world. I sincerely hope my journey can serve as an inspiration for others because it goes to show that where you are coming from does not determine what you can become. It’s a simple story, not a classical tale of “rags to riches” but one of finding the wealth of purpose by identifying what I was good at. With experience comes wisdom if we can understand the connection in the bigger picture.  Life is simple, not easy. When I was growing up in Jamaica, I went to bed without food not by choice, I had no running water or electricity, I slept on the same bed with my 2 sisters in a one bedroom house with my mother’s bed next to ours, I spent many days at school without lunch, I only got new clothing at Christmas, I had only one pair of all-purpose shoes, I had to walk over 2 miles to school until I was 15, and my family’s main source of income was selling produce in the market. Even in this impoverished state, my mother gave me the choice of becoming a doctor or lawyer, so of course I held unto that dream even though I knew we could not afford university. Little did I know that my childhood experiences were paving the way for an unimaginable life. I must admit I was a late bloomer academically, and this did not flourish until I had a bad experience in the fifth grade.  One day I was given 10 long division problems to solve and I got all incorrect. The class laughed at me, even my friends; this was the lowest point of my life and my pride was deeply wounded. At that moment, at the age of 12, something/someone inside me said “Never again”. That was the moment I started to work harder in school and surrounded myself mainly with adult friends. In retrospect, having adult friends is probably one of the best choices of my life because of the wealth of knowledge they  instilled in me. My hard work in school transformed me from someone that could not read well into the male Spelling Bee champion of Portland. I started to recognize my academic talent and continued to study harder. I could not afford the text books so I borrowed my friends’ or went to the library. I eventually went to Titchfield High School (10miles from my hometown) even though I was not initially offered a spot into the school. However, persistence got me in with the help of my mother’s friend (Ms. Cherry). I never missed a day at school and my friends had no idea of my impoverished life. My mother always made sure I was presentable even though all I had sometimes was bus fare to take me to school and back home. I joined A-QuEST, a program that helps high school students to get into colleges in the US, with Dr. Dennis Minnott.  Through this program I was able to make contact with Dr. Lee Monroe, the former president of Paul Quinn College, who gave me a full scholarship to attend PQC in Dallas Texas. No way, this was happening to me--I was 19 and poor but that’s when it hit me: not having material things did not mean I was poor because I had life, a dream, a supportive family, love, happiness, freedom and mentors that were guiding me. I moved to Dallas Texas from Jamaica in 2000 with $300 in my pocket and a dream. Dr. Minnot always said you only have to do two things in college, “You read and you write.” I took his advice; I graduated from Paul Quinn College with a 4.0 GPA in Biology in 2004 and eventually got to a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the age of 27 from the University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center under the mentorship of Dr. Ilya Bezprozvanny. My journey was not easy; but I came to realize that all I had to do were the simple things and apply my passion to my talent and dream. Currently, my scientific research is focused on understanding the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer at the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine. Trublmaica is a platform through which I can offer inspiration and hope for others in doubt because if I made it this far, so can you and it does not matter what the task is, we can overcome. Like so many others before me, I will continue to be a Trublmaica, One Love…

Bryan Huberty

The pursuit of happiness”, a phrase we have seen or heard but so often we fail to find happiness in our pursuit. I hope this story will help us to become more content in life and motivate us to stop limiting ourselves because of how others view us. This synapse is about the journey of Bryan Huberty, someone many in South Florida have come to love and admire because of his passion for life and his zeal for unselfishly helping others to achieve their running goals. Bryan is undoubtedly an epiphany of someone that has found happiness in his pursuit of becoming a distance runner.  It takes a small axe to cut down a large tree; Bryan is that axe and his tale is that tree. Growing up in Southern Wisconsin; life was never easy for Bryan because of his small frame, he was constantly bullied in school, his last name made him the target for many jokes and most times he was benched in sports however this did not stop him from pursuing his goals. Little did he or others know that his small frame would put him on a path of becoming one of the best distance runners in Florida, this was not an easy journey as Bryan had to overcome many limits set by the people in his environment. Bryan was driven, consistent, worked hard and functioned outside of his comfort zone to achieve his goals as a runner. The same mentality he applied in obtaining his degree in Botany. Bryan did not participate in cross country as his love was for soccer; at age 20 he randomly decided to run a full marathon in which he completed in 4:18, not too bad for someone that did not train. After his first marathon Bryan had a gut feeling that he could faster, so he moved from Madison Wisconsin to Miami in 2008 where he began training to become a distance runner. As his times improved he developed a love for the sport and he has continued to dazzle us with his outstanding “Golden Boy” performance. Bryan’s success as a runner did not come overnight he had to battle many injuries, he is away from family and dealt with people that did not believe in him. Bryan did not give up because he believed in himself and he was focused on the task ahead. Since he started his running career in 2008 Bryan has completed myriads of races all over the country including the Boston Marathon. He has won or placed in the top 3 in most of his races. Bryan’s PR for the mile is 4:37, 5K 16mins, 10K 33:21, half marathon 1:11:39 and full marathon 2:36:27. Bryan’s secret for success in life and running is consistency, focus and passion. He currently works as a chi-running instructor and he is a sponsored athlete by Salming. To learn more about Bryan Huberty follow him on IG or FB. Continue to inspire us brother…











Danny Wood

Many of us know him as Danny Wood from New Kids on the Block. I know Danny as a person beyond that. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most humble, funny, giving, unselfish, hard-working, family oriented and down-to-earth people that I’ve met and he is an inspiration to many including his children. Danny is successful on many levels of life and he continues to show us that we should not limit ourselves. One of the most amazing things I have ever seen him do was to train for and complete the Boston Marathon. Many days we were up at 4am to run 15-22 miles on the streets of Miami. Danny had a goal and he knew what it took to get there--this is the same mentality he applies in being a member of NKOTB.  Danny’s success as a NKOTB member was not easy as he had many sleepless nights, aches and pains from tough practices, negative criticism and not all their concerts or record sales were as projected. However he never gave up because he believed in himself and his band members.  Many of us go through life bounded by the limits that others set because of gender, ethnicity, disabilities, age, education etc., yet there are many examples of amazing people that continue to show us that these limits should not confine our aspirations. Danny is a prototypical example of someone that does not restrict his being in achieving his goals. I really hope we can take some notes from Danny and apply it to ourselves because there truly are no limits to our potential and what we have to offer to the world as long as it is rooted in honesty, comes from the heart and does not bring harm to ourselves or others. After ‘making it,’ Danny has given a lot back to society. He is currently helping to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer through “Remember Betty” in honor of his late mother.  I am truly honored to have known you in this lifetime Danny. Continue to inspire us and lead by example. To learn more about the “rememberbetty” charity please visit www.rememberbetty.com and take a minute to read their mission statement. Join the Rememberbetty team and let us continue to fight cancer.  Follow Danny on IG or twitter. “Step by step” we shall overcome because failure is not an option.

Aquarela Sabol

Nothing happens before it’s time and our hard work will not go unnoticed. As human beings, we all have aspirations but sometimes our path is redirected. If we pay attention to the signs, we will realize that life is equipping us with the necessary tools needed to fulfill our purpose when we are ready to embark on our expedition. The journey of self-discovery can be frustrating but we have to be patient and stay true to ourselves while we mature from a caterpillar into a majestic butterfly.  Meet Aquarela Sabol, someone that had to endure while she was being molded into a versatile artist. Today Aquarela is a well-known artist both locally and abroad because of her distinct expression that evolved over time. Aquarela was born in the small town of Elyria, Ohio but she grew up in Orlando Florida with her parents. She was always a painter at heart, but she was unable to focus on her passion because she was in the self-discovery phase of her life. Rewarded by her hard-work and talent, she received an art scholarship from the University of Florida and also studied at Columbia Chicago College of Fine Arts. During this time she was focusing on graphic design, web design, and marketing. Deep down Aquarela felt like a big piece of her was missing because she was all but ignoring her passion for painting. In a leap of faith, she moved from Orlando to Miami in order to pursue her dream. This move was not easy--she had many barriers to overcome as an unknown artist but she never gave up. To earn her “street creds”, she started out by doing small pop up shows around Miami. Within months her unique spellbinding artistic style attracted a huge following because her flawless technical skills combined with maturity and honesty had developed. Aquarela’s one-of-a-kind style is the result of her diverse background and life experiences.  Many of her mind blowing pieces are featured around Miami (Calle Ocho, Brickell, Wynwood, South Beach) and she is now widely-recognized and admired amongst her peers. Her art has been featured at Art Basel, Spectrum, and had her work featured in a show curated by Bernice Steinbaum. She was recently invited to paint a mural in the city plaza of Tulum Mexico. Aquarela stepped up to the challenge of following her dream and here she stands today as a living proof that we too are capable of using our passion to guide our life’s purpose if we remain dedicated, patient and believe in our abilities. We should not limit ourselves even if it means to step out of our comfort zone because as long as the task ahead comes from the goodness of our hearts, success is inevitable. To learn more about Aquarela follow her on IG or FB. Continue to stimulate our senses with you art my friend.   

Esi Shabani

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” a phrase we have heard many times. Life is about finding balance, as they say “too much of one thing can become toxic at some point”. Too often we get caught up with work and the drive to gain material things that we forget to connect with ourselves or the people around us. Life in general is stressful so we should find some down time to “live, laugh and love”. We should treat each day like it’s our last day to achieve all the tasks on our bucket list. Let’s make the best of our now without any excuses, life is short and time is precious. We have heard of many people who hesitated to enjoy the essence of life and exited this world unhappy, broken and lonely; today I challenge you to not to be one of those people. Here is the journey of someone that will dare us to find equilibrium in our lives and live each day as if it was our last. Esi Shabani is probably one of the most balance person I have met because he is not afraid to sample the world and experience new things while pushing forward on all fronts of life. Esi’s life is equivalent to someone that is constantly fulfilling their bucket list. Esi was born in Iran, went to boarding school in Austria, and then moved to Toronto Canada with his family. He eventually moved to Miami in 2000 where he ventured into the restaurant business because he wanted to do something new after being in management for a long time. Esi is undoubtedly a successful businessman, he co-owns RICE house of kabob and other businesses in SFL. Even with all his success Esi finds time to enjoy the simple things in life: he spends a lot time with his family, he is available to his friends, no matter how impromptu they are at times. He competes in marathons, triathlons, ironman and ultra-marathons. He gives back to the running community through the RICE iRun Triathon team and he is a role model for the people around him. Whether it’s a day at the beach, 5 minutes of meditation, yoga, traveling or simply giving his time to others, Esi has shown us that a balance life leads to mental and physical health, something we should all aspire to. To learn more about Esi follow him on IG or FB, there is inspiration to be discovered. Have a RICE day…  

Nick Quay

Cancer is not the last word anyone wants to hear from their physician. A few days ago I witnessed one of the worst breast cancer biopsies that I have ever seen at work. I’ve always appreciated my health and all the blessings that surrounds my life, but seeing this woman faced with less than 6 months to live, gave me a sense of appreciation for life that I had never felt until that moment. This reminded me of my good friend, Nick Quay, who was contemplating his own mortality after living through a terrifying health scare.  Imagine waking up one day and realizing that nearly everything you eat leaves you in such pain that you think death must certainly be near. This hell-on-earth experience was once Nick’s reality. Without a doubt, he is one of the most courageous, driven, hard-working people I have met in South Florida. Nick was in his prime and working tirelessly to fulfill his dream of becoming a world class chef when he was hit with an unexplained disease. A disease that turned him into a chef that was unable to sample his meals, because of this unfortunate event Nick transformed his career goals and found a new passion in real estate industry. His physician thought it was cancer of the abdomen, lactose intolerance, possibly Crohn’s disease or the names of diseases he could not even pronounce. This was devastating news and even with multiple visits to his doctor, his illness could not be identified with a certainty. In only a few months, Nick’s weight plummeted 50lbs and for someone that stands at 6’1’’, it was a scary sight for friends and family. He did not give up in spite of his seemingly hopeless situation; he believed in himself too much to have his life and ambitions taken away so easily. Through trial/error and the help from a Chinese healer, Nick created a “safe foods” list so that he could manage his dietary restriction. The results were finally in: cancer, Crohn’s disease and the other diseases were ruled out. He had somehow developed a severe allergic reaction to several kinds of food as well as certain environmental triggers.  Based on his experience of understanding and focusing on what food he could eat, Nick launched “Chef Inspired Creations,” a restaurant company with a group of chefs and their colleagues that “educates the public and the service industry to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy eating different foods regardless of their dietary restrictions”. Currently, Nick’s desire and main focus is his ownership of PellQuay Realty, a successful boutique Real Estate company that will one day go beyond the Florida market. Nick attributes much of PellQuay’s growth to his high level service mentality that he brings to the real estate industry. Continue to overcome the hurdles of life, all the best in your future endeavors. To learn more about the glory behind Nick’s story follow him on IG or FB. 

Darren Weissman aka Doctor Dribble

Imagine running a full marathon…while dribbling two basketballs. That’s 26.2 miles!!! Like most of you, I think “That’s crazy, there’s no way anyone could do that! And WHY would someone attempt that?” As if marathon training isn’t tough enough, adding the dribbling component requires expert coordination, endurance, and more practice than we can probably comprehend. A few years ago, I witnessed this feat at a local road race here in Miami. Knowing how difficult it was to run a half marathon (13.1 miles), the basketball dribbler instantly earned my respect—I thought it was perhaps one of the most amazing things I had ever seen accomplished by an athlete. At the end of the race, I introduced myself and complimented him with a congratulatory ‘fist bump.’ The basketball dribbler was friendly, down-to-earth and in a couple of seconds I could feel the positive energy in his persona. Meet Darren Weissman aka Doctor Dribble, the dribbling-while-running extraordinaire. Bob Marley once said “If I was to live my life for myself and not give to others, I would not want that life because my life would be without purpose”. Doctor Dribble instantly comes to mind as he has dedicated his life in helping others. He is driven, compassionate and always ready to lend a helping hand. Combining running with his knack for basketball has proven to inspire more people than he had ever imagined. Even though Darren has set world records dribbling two basketballs while running, coached NBA stars and local kids alike on their ball-handling skills, worked as a top of the line fitness instructor and has hosted countless basketball dribbling workshops around the country, he will always say that his charity, “Doctor Dribble’s Helping Hands,” is one of his biggest life achievements. This charity was born from Darren’s love for helping children and years of experience dribbling a basketball. Donations to his charity are used to buy new basketballs for underprivileged kids and help with basketball clinics throughout the US. What an amazing example to us all on how possible it is to take our passion, turn it into our profession and use it to make a positive contribution to the world. We are all capable of this in our own way; it is a matter of identifying our talent, make a conscious choice to develop it, then share it with the world. A tale of self-discovery and finding ones true purpose in life. To learn more about Darren Weissman aka Doctor Dribble, his charity or personal fitness training follow him on IG, FB or visit www.doctordribble.com

Tanya Jarrett

A life for a life: giving birth and then dying or so everyone thought. We’ve all heard stories of people dying briefly and returning with a story from the other side, but still most of us have doubts. Today I will share the story of a friend who was lost for almost 2 hours. We could call it luck, but she will tell you that there is power in prayer from family and friends who truly care. While growing up in Jamaica, I was a fan like everyone else, watching her dominate the high school track and field scene. I finally had the chance to meet her in college and I must admit I was star struck; however this track and field “phenom” was as humble as she was talented. This is the story of Tanya Jarrett, one of the most kindhearted, modest and fun loving people I’ve ever met. It was September 6th, 2012 when Tanya gave birth to her second son and after going back to her room for recovery, she handed her son to her husband because of chest pains. Without warning, Tanya was dead—no pulse, no heartbeat, she had “flat lined”. There was no advance notice to say goodbye to her son or her husband. Tanya’s husband watched in fear and disbelief from the corner of the room as the doctors tried to revive her. She would regain a faint heartbeat, but quickly fade again and again. Tanya had developed a clot in the main artery to her heart and lungs, so they gave her a blood thinner in hopes of dissolving it. Unfortunately, this only made things worse as she had just completed surgery and was already bleeding profusely. Doctors pumped over 35L of blood into her body (the average person holds 5L of blood). Tanya was bleeding uncontrollably from her uterus and the doctors had exhausted every option. With only a 5% chance of survival, they wanted to take her off life support. Even if she was lucky enough to make it, she would probably come out with severe brain damage and possibly live the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Her family wasn’t about to give up on her that easily so they prayed and prayed; to preserve her body from further damage, she was induced into a coma for a week. During this time even the Chapel informed her family to say their goodbyes because her survival chances were almost zero. While everyone was fighting for her to live with constant prayers and the best medicine available, she too was on the other side fighting. She describes her out-of- body experience as gazing into a crystal clear body of water and just as she began to sink, she decided to gasp for air and live. Even to this day science can’t explain how she survive because she died for almost 2 hours. Today, Tanya is living happily and healthy with her two sons and husband nearly 3 years later. She is thankful for having the support of her family and friends through her darkest time. She wants to remind us all to make the absolute best of our “NOW” by embracing our loved ones and living with nothing but a positive attitude toward life. 

Alison and Kaile Stewart

The bond between a mother and child is one of the strongest forces in the universe. Our mothers may have raised us differently, but the ultimate goal was the same-they all wanted the best for us on all levels of life. Mothers are always there for us no matter what the situation: the memories—losing our first tooth, first day at school, first date, failures or success, sickness etc. Whether it’s celebrating our greatest achievements or at our lowest hardest times the action of a mothers love is eternally divine. As we journey into adulthood, life pulls us in many directions with this shift we should find our own way of maintaining the bond with the woman who have enriched our lives in profound ways. Navigating through the random streets of Miami during my training runs, I am almost always greeted by two identical celestial bodies running in sync, it’s a mother daughter duo and my great motivators. This is the tale of Alison Stewart (mother) and Kaile Stewart (daughter) who have found a special connection through the language of running. Kaile started running after seeing her mother finish the Disney half marathon. Kaile was impressed by the positive atmosphere at the race; people cheered for their loved ones and random runners. In addition, the runners celebrated their accomplishment with a medal, hugs and random congratulation fist bumps/high fives; at that instant Kaile wanted race so that she could share that moment with her mother. Like so many other things growing up, her mother helped her prepare for her first half marathon in Disney. She didn’t always wanted to get up early to run, but her mother encouraged her to keep her goal in mind by functioning outside of her comfort zone. Fast forward to today and they have participated in countless races together including the Miami Half Marathon where they finished a few minutes apart (one of Kaile’s proudest moment for Alison). They now share a passion for running that grows deeper by the mile. Kaile’s best friend is her mother, they train together and enjoying pushing their limits together in all aspects of life. Just this weekend, Kaile was the overall female winner at a local race and Alison was second. Next stop, Kaile and Alison are training to run a 3:35 and 3:40 marathon, respectively. It’s astounding to see the fruits of our labor pay off in not only victories, but also in helping us to develop a stronger relationship with love ones. The roots of Kaile and Alison’s relationship are an example to us all: I challenge you to reach out to your mother and find meaningful ways to enhance the bond she poured her heart into creating while you were young. After all, if you find yourself relating to the definition of Trublmaica at this point, it’s a safe bet that your mother is responsible for engraining this belief in YOU.

Trublmaica Original

Be different, be unique, express your inner beauty…rise above the judgement and negative ideals of society that tries to limit us from achieving our goals. Free your mind and body…time to realize that there are no limits because if others before us did it, “so can I”…Let’s fill our cups with the “success is inevitable” attitude. If you truly believe in the motivation of being a Trublmaica, let us come together and create a platform to show humanity how we are all connected by the strands of meaning that guide this philosophy of life. Trublmaica represents the act of embracing your inner being to drive your outer existence in now with such resolve that success is the only possible outcome. The qualities necessary to achieve success as defined by our own life's ambitions are what connect us. Whether its success in building our careers, the relationships that fill our lives or the hobbies that our souls crave...we are connected by our drive to wake up every morning and succeed in all ways, for this is the only path by which we come to discover who we are as an individual. As we gain each strand of success, it adds to the web of meaning that is our life. Success in our careers cultivates a deep sense of pride, accomplishment and purpose. Success in our relationships grows a deep sense of love, acceptance, connectedness and joy. Success in our hobbies serves to further accentuate these feelings that ultimately make up our overall value of self. Being part of a positive community connected by a common goal will inspire greatness in everyone and will inspire each of us to inspire those around us. The resulting pay-it-forward mindset will create a wave of such positivity that our community will grow into a global tidal wave that represents the human experience. With the help and support of the Trublmaica Originals out there, this will become reality one person at a time, one success at a time. Thanks for your continued support in helping our vision come to life...One Love…

Nicole Nelson

Life is a constant transition of countless experiences that will shape us into unique human beings.  So many of these experiences are spontaneous and may lead to the most unexpected yet magnificent moments in our lives. When I was in third grade, my parents asked if I wanted to compete in a holiday track meet—I didn’t know what a track meet was, but I knew I loved running fast, so I said yes. Since then I have never stopped running because of its positive influence on my life. Running has helped me develop a very strong bond with my parents—they’ve always supported me on my journey and have sacrificed a lot to make sure I could take advantage of every opportunity that enriched my life. Fast-forward 20 years and I realize that my love for running is the foundation that I’ve built my entire life on. Running has taught me the importance of setting and achieving challenging goals, and how to push through disappointments with patience and determination. In addition to character building, running has introduced me to some of the most influential people in my life:  former coaches and teammates, clients, coworkers, and running groups that I consider more of a second family.    

Now that I’m expecting my first child, I have slowed down a little, but I’m still out there getting a few miles in even at 8 months pregnant. Every time I run, I’m enveloped with chills as I reflect on how every single experience in my life has created a living masterpiece of connect-the-dots in a sea of infinite possibilities that will never again be duplicated. Yes, life is exactly like this for each one of us: a story that is as beautiful as it is unique—a perfect aligning of the stars that will never happen again. I continuously acknowledge my gratitude for life and maintain the mindset that even as challenges arise, I will live to my fullest potential. As a mother, one of the most precious gifts I will ever give my daughter is showing her how to embrace this perspective and use it to cultivate the qualities necessary to live outside her comfort zone and make her own mark on the world, however she chooses to do so. In the process, she will show us what it truly means to live the ideals of Trublmaica—she is already showing me new depths of the definition simply by existing within me.  

As I transition into the exciting uncertainty of motherhood, I’m flooded with a million ideas of what life has in store for me and my family. All I really know for sure is that every day will bring new experiences that will continue to transform me from who I am now into an even better version of the person I am meant to become. Right now the focus is on becoming a mother and a mentor to the most important person I have yet to truly meet. The dots will keep coming and they will keep connecting in wonderfully unexpected ways as they create the web of my family’s life. Let’s continue to embrace our NOW and make the best of this beautiful journey of life. As my husband would say, “One Love.” 

People like us... beneath that smile you will find a Neuropsychologist and a top runner in SFL...we all have the potential to become what's in our heart...be ready to put the work in...and remember find balance in your life...be a Trublmaica...Dr. Theresa Ascheman, Psy.D.

People like us...remember his smile, remember to smile because you have life...diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis(kidney disease) in 1994, dialysis for almost 10 years and kidney transplant in 2013...healthy as an Ox today and making the best of his NOW...a kind heart and a beautiful soul...you are an inspiration...thanks for sharing your story. Mr. Rodrick Minnis

People like us...Being a scientist is not easy...long hours, low pay, high stress...so why do it? We do it because of love...hoping that some day our scientific discoveries will have a positive influence on the world...whether it's finding a cure or simply understanding a molecular mechanism...Science is no monkey bizniz...it takes drive, patience, hard-work etc...to all scientist Mad respect...Life is "no monkey bizniz" let's keep the fight going Dr. Kevin Curtis, Ph.D



Scott Byers, Esq

Lacking the motivation to follow the path set by others is not the same as not being ambitious because sometimes we have to simply discover our own path. About 2 years ago, I met Scott Byers at a race in Miami. I noticed right away how welcoming, positive, and humble he was. For someone that ran primarily on the treadmill, I was amazed at his knack for running. After getting to know Scott through our many runs together, his life’s journey became a huge inspiration. He had forged his own path; as unconventional as it may seem, he was destined for success. Being the son of an educator, Scott was expected to follow in the footsteps of his family. However, Scott had his passion set on becoming a professional roller-hockey player, so in 1996 Scott he dropped out of high school during his junior year to pursue his goal. This decision earned him a great deal of criticism, but surprisingly, his mother supported his choice. She wanted him to find a career path that was meaningful to him. After several years of professional roller-hockey, Scott finally felt he had achieved the success he had set out for. It was time to take on a new career challenge. He redirected his drive into becoming something he had always envisioned: a lawyer. He knew this would not be an easy task, but he was mentally and physically ready to go the distance. For starters, he obtained his GED and then moved on to Middlesex County College in New Jersey. He was forced to take many non-credited classes to make up for his missed high school years, but that didn’t derail him.  While at County College, Scott earned straight A’s and was able to transfer to the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Scott graduated with honors from UMass and after countless late-night cram sessions, he excelled on the LSAT exam and was accepted into the law program at the University of Miami School.  Scott continued to push beyond his comfort zone academically, graduated summa cum laude, and was in the top 10 percentile of his class at the University of Miami.  His hard work earned him the coveted Roger Sorino Award for being the most outstanding graduating student.  Scott immediately began practicing law in Miami and has continued to grow a successful practice ever since. He is currently living his dream and has also evolved into an elite runner in Miami because of his drive and determination. Scott is an inspiration for local runners in South Florida, he current has a PR of 16:33, 34:23, 1:17:23 and 2:39:07 for the 5k, 10k, half and full marathon, respectively. Be brave enough to find your own path and remember the road to success is not a straight or easy one.


Peoplelikeus -A Trublmaica is someone who looks adversity in the eye, and does something about it.



He lost his leg 6 years ago TODAY… a day, which forever changed so many lives… if they were lucky to survive.  He was given a prosthetic limb by Project Medishare for Haiti - Hôpital Bernard Mevs… and he has been giving back ever since. Wilfrid took initiative, and eventually the right people noticed.  Knights of Columbus, Project Medishare for Haiti, and Hôpital Bernard Mevs created a prosthetics lab for Haitians.  The result is a much higher quality of life for countless amputees.  Wilfrid personally creates and maintains hundreds of prostheses. 

Even though the funding ran out 5 months ago. Every day he receives phone calls, and every day he must explain that funding has stopped, that supplies cannot be purchased, and that he cannot help, and that you must wait. Wilfrid still shows up every day, and does what he can with the supplies he still has, especially for amputee children. 

Even though he has not been paid in 5 months.

Listen to his faith in humanity, that people are good, that the funding will someday be restored, and that the work will continue.


Trublmaîca is running a small fundraising campaign.  Until we reach our fundraising goal, 15% of the proceeds from all Trublmaica apparel will be set aside, for as long as it takes.  The money will then go towards Wilfred Macena and his embattled prosthetics program in Port au Prince, Haiti.

One day, the right person will hear the message, and program funding will resume once more.